Vår deilige meny

Soup Of the Daykr 80,-

w/ aioli and bread

Wallnut- & Lentilburger V / VVkr 110,-

w/ bread, salad, vegan-aioli and fried potatoes

Mono Breakfastkr 130,-

w/Strøm Larsen-sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, 2 fried eggs,
tomatobeans, salad and toast. Inclueds coffee/tea

Chickenburgerkr 120,-

Chicken breast w/ tomatopesto, bread, salad and fried potatoes

Monoburgerkr 120,-

homemade burger w/ bread, salad, aioli and fried potatoes

Sandwicheskr 110,-

-smoked ham, cornichons, mustard cream sauce and sauerkraut
-fish patties, smoked salmon, coleslaw and dill
-blue cheese, grilled peppers, pear and honey (V)
-chicken and bacon