Opening hours

4 pm to 3 am

9:00 p.m.
Unless otherwise specified

Minimum age
Weekdays: 20 years
Weekends: 22 years
Office Address
Pløensgate 4, Oslo

Postal address
Café Mono
C/o Mail Boxes Etc.
Pløens gate 4
0181 Oslo

Tlf: 22 41 41 66
Fax: 22 41 41 67

General inquiries:

Booking / Events:

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Since 2001 Mono has been a venue for live music, literary events, political debates and countless other happenings. All taking place in a cozy setting that reduces the space between artist and audience.

At some point we realized man can not live on culture alone, and so in 2007 we expanded and opened Mono Kitchen to nourish the body as well. Fresh ingredients and excellent options for both meat and veg types are the core values of our food philosophy.

Mono´s diverse program of events is a reflection of a committed and engaged staff, as well as a discerning public. Though we may host a book launch here or a political debate there, our principle focus has always been the music.

If you´re wondering what its really all about, just drop by any day or night of the week. Whether you´re starving for solid or liquid food, need a musical bone to chew on, or a spiritual boost you haven´t been getting lately, ALL are welcome.

- Written by regular and sage Franke Myrland and transformed by Jim
Technical info

Please mail to

Playing at Cafe Mono?

Please send your technical rider to, preferably in pdf or jpeg.

Capacity: max 200
Load in: Directly from street

Get in 15.00
Soundcheck 16.00 - 17.00
On stage 21.00

Get in 14.00
Soundcheck 15.00 - 16.00
On stage (Lørdagsgodt) 18.00

Get in 16.00
Soundcheck 17.00 - 18.00
On stage 21.00

2xEAW KF650z 3-way loudspeaker
2xEAW SB850zR subwoofer 2×18″

Amps, PA
5xQSC PL340 2x2000W 2 Ohm
Hi/mid drive
2xQSC PL380 2x400W 2 Ohm 
Sub/lo drive
2xEAW UX8800 loudspeaker processor
1xSoundweb London BLU-16
Delay system
4 loudspeakers are delayed for the bar area
2xEAW KF650z 3-way loudspeaker
2x JBL EON 15″

Run from Foh
6xEAW Microwedge MW12 wedge-monitor 12″+Horn in passive mode
2xDBX 2231 Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

3xQSC PL340 2x2000W 2 Ohm 
– 4 monitor programs

Midas venice 320 24 mono+4stereo channels,4sub groups, 6aux(2xpost, 2xpre, 2xpost/pre)
1xKlark-Teknik DN 360 Dual Channel Graphic EQ
1xLexicon PCM92
1xTc-electronics M2000
1xTc-electronics D-two
2xDBX 160 Compressor
1xDrawmer DL241 Dual Auto Compressor
1xDBX 1046 Quad Compressor
1xDrawmer DS404 Quad Gate

Mics / DIs
1xshure beta 91 condenser
1xshure beta 52
1xshure B58A
5xshure sm58
6xshure sm57 dynamic
5xsennheiser E 935 dynamic
3xsennheiser E 604 dynamic
3xsennheiser E 906 dynamic
2xneumann km184 (paired)
2xsennheiser E 614 condenser
3xoktava mc 012-01 condenser
1xAudio-Technica ATM350 cardioid Condenser clip-on
8xbss ar-133 active di
All necessary cables

Premier Artist Birch 22″, 10″, 12″, 14″
Color: Solid Yellow Laquer
Snare: Premier Artist Birch 14″
Hardware: Premier/Ludwig
Cymbals: Sabian B8 Pro

1x Ampeg SVT-CL Classic 300w all tube
1x Ampeg SVT410HLF 4×10″ + horn Cabinet

1x Vox AC30C2 30watt 2×12″
Fender 65 Twin Reverb 85watt 2×12″
1x Fender ’59 Vintage Reissue Bassman 4×10″

1xPetrof 125 G1 Upright piano
1xpiano bench
Available on request

3 keyboard stands
3 guitar stands

Backline power
3x16A on stage

1x LSC Maxim 12 channel lightdesk
1x 12 channel dimmer
24x PAR56
2x Selecon Acclaim 650w fresnel